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The Power of one.

Tuesday, 31st May 2016 05:30 PM

The Power of one.

Once in a while we have clients asking about the concept of having more than one agent representing them when they sell their home. In the past it was commonplace for property sellers to ‘multi-list’ as the general perception was that the more agents who were pushing the property the greater the exposure. In the vast majority of cases I would strongly recommend against doing this.


Times have changed and property buyers now focus their search efforts on the main internet portals domain & realestate.com.au. Unlike the past when buyers followed the agents, today they follow the properties. Having the same property appear on these sites with multiple agents is not a good look as it can make the seller look desperate. In addition, giving your potential buyers a choice of who to deal with may work against you. Do you think the buyer will choose the strongest negotiator or the one that gives away too much information and sides with them?

The other thing to consider is that the best and most effective agents wont work on multi-listed properties, why would they? If you are a good agent and have plenty of exclusively listed clients then investing valuable time and resources into a shared sale just wouldn’t make sense. This then means that often sellers multi-list with a collection of the least effective and at times most desperate agents. The last thing you want when selling is a desperate agent who will devote energy to try and convince you to take a low offer just to get a sale rather than the buyer to pay more!

The reality is the market is a pool of buyers and competing agents all speak to the same ones. As a seller you want your sale event to be controlled from one source and reported to you from one source, this way you gain an understanding of where your property sits in the market place and can make considered tactical decisions.

The only time I would even consider using more than one agent would be if there was a logical reason to do so. An example may be if you had a holiday property listed in an area like Noosa with a local agent and perhaps also with an agent in an affluent capital city suburb. Perhaps another would be if you wanted to sell off market without any advertising however even in this example you may have multiple agents contacting the same buyers about the house and that could compromise the exclusivity of your product.

Find one good agent that can prove they have happy clients, give them your confidence and they will do a likely good job for you.