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I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Friday 1st Nov 2019

Whilst seeing Mosman mums swigging salad bowls of rosé while their kids run wild in public may sound like a regular Friday at the Hunter Bar, last night it was Halloween and it was on for young and old.
Living on Holt Avenue you have to put up with creepy characters in ghastly outfits door knocking you every day, but at least on Halloween there is a little less pressure and you can abruptly end the sales pitch by parting with a Kit Kat.
Memory Park and the surrounds turned super spooky and whilst my ‘exhausted real estate agent’ costume didn’t win ‘Best in Show’, I did have some time to reflect on just how cool this little corner of the world is.
Despite some people’s perception of the north shore and Mosman in particular, what we have here is an amazing community. The parklands, fun runs, festivals and markets combined with a consistent and efficient local Council all add up to what I think is the best place to live in the world and how lucky are we to share it?
Ok, so maybe I am getting a little sentimental as we head into the silly season but I do think that there is a correlation between a strong community and robust property prices. The simple fact is people want to live here because it’s beautiful, safe and friendly.
That’s it for this week...I managed to write a newsletter without having a pop at my competitors...well…almost. Whilst we are talking about competitors is anyone else sick of getting market reports from agents who don’t sell anything? I am, worse still these reports ‘accidentally on purpose’ look like the author sold the properties contained within and consistently report incorrect data…good job guys.

We hope to see you on the circuit!

Until next week...and good luck in the Cup 🐎 😉