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Hunting Elephants

Friday 27th Sep 2019

Ok, so I know we are in a new era of political correctness but are we at a point where agents are too afraid to even provide a price guide? Really???

As if searching for the right home wasn’t frustrating enough, some genius has found a way to make it even harder.

The latest and weirdest ploy is, ‘we don’t provide a price guide’. Don’t get me wrong, Marco Polo is one of my all-time favourites but I never expected to be playing it in my forties (early).

From a selling perspective this is just plain stupid. Firstly, it has been proven that not having a price on a product or service frustrates and loses enquiry. Secondly, placing the onus of value on the purchaser is obviously going to set a low bar which potentially weakens your position.

It’s true that in a rising market a skilled agent often needs to get out of the way and let the market determine the final value, but that doesn’t mean completely avoiding the most crucial elephant in the room...price.

I guess I do see a world where this could work, one where all sales prices were public and not fraudulently reported...naaah, just kidding, that place doesn’t exist.

What’s next? If the RBA cuts next week, those elephants are going to get bigger (wanted to say fatter but that may offend).

Until next week,

David Murphy