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Same same but no different.

Friday 13th Sep 2019

I think some real estate agents spend more time whitening their teeth and perusing boutiques for pocket squares than they do actually thinking about what their clients need.

In a market defined by sameness, it’s a desperate battle to look different and there are no rules. I regularly get market reports from my competitors with our sales and listings on them. I even received a letterbox drop recently announcing a record sale price that our office achieved (so unprofessional...they even forgot to put our brand on it). This week I watched an agent profile video that was so excruciating - the agent actually said ‘we are so different from the rest that I don’t have time in this video to tell you all of the reasons why’ (email me and I’ll send it to you).

And finally...this beauty...on home turf. In the past few days, two potential sellers have said to me that they are unsure if they should use our office because we are selling too much. So, I can now confirm that there is an agent out there saying ‘don’t choose them because lots of other people are’. The suggestion being that we just sell them and don’t get good prices…that’s really weird because the reason we are getting houses to sell is because of referrals (ok...I do quite like a pocket square).

So my tip for the week, instead of calling in 3 agents to ‘appraise’ your home and blah blah about why they are so good, why don’t you just call on 3 people that have a sold sign out the front and ask them how it went? Apart from getting honest feedback, the owners of those homes probably won’t call you every 5 minutes pressuring you to sell.

I don’t know if we are that different, our business ethos is quite old fashioned...we just look after our clients as if they are friends or family.

Yes I know, a super cheesy ending but that’s what we do...maybe it explains why many clients have become good friends.

Until next week,

David Murphy