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Love is a verb.

Friday 6th Sep 2019

Despite having a record sales run in the past couple of weeks something has been bugging me, I received a complaint from a buyer who felt we moved too quickly on a sale. We called, emailed and sent ‘sale developing' texts forewarning of a pre-auction sale but with the absence of an offer, myself and the owners made the decision to pull the trigger and sell despite the ’possibility’ that this person may act.
Saying ‘keep me in the loop’ isn’t enough comfort for an anxious home seller wanting certainty and to be able to move on with their plans. Recently someone missed out on my own home and has been going around to opens saying ‘I should have bought it and I could have paid more’…ummm, but you had the chance and you didn’t.
Recently I have found myself exclaiming to potential buyers that if I am forewarning you of interest building in a property then ‘this is the loop.’ The thing is, as a buyer in a seller’s market you are in a competition. It's as simple as this, generally the buyer who pays the most wins, or in some instances the buyer who acts the most decisively wins. The people sitting back often get steamrolled and miss out (and often blame the agent).
This is why nowadays there are buyers agents everywhere, the issue isn’t the stock, it isn’t the market…it’s the making of the decision and the execution. With the market changing what we are likely to see now is a growing list of people who were too nervous to buy when the market slumped last year, that are now missing out on sales this year because they are comparing prices from last year!? This formula leads to market freeze or worse, these people often end up panicking and then go and buy the wrong property because they are fed up. Consider that logic, didn’t want to buy when the market was in your favour...rush to buy when it's not.
So yes, recently the market has found another gear and I can confirm that the pendulum is now swinging back into the sellers' favour. I won’t go into the weeds as to why this is, except to say that it's true...in the past 14 days we have sold 8 properties (that’s amazing for us).
I know, sometimes this newsletter is hilarious, sometimes it's ranty, but I hope this week it's instructional. If you want to buy in a market that is tight, then my advice is be ready and act with fervour when you see the one you want.
As I said, it has been a special time for us in here with some wins, but what is more special is yesterday we were able to be part of the “Youngcare Long Lunch’ at Catalina. If you haven’t heard of Youngcare, they support people with high care needs who I think we can all agree should be entitled to appropriate housing. This is an emergency issue that can be fixed with funding and support – if you have time today, go here to find out more: https://www.youngcare.com.au/

Until next week,

David Murphy