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Too much information.

Friday 30th Aug 2019

I’ve got a real problem with real estate agents that wax lyrical about marketing when most don’t even understand what marketing actually is. If an agent sits in front of you trying to sell you a ‘marketing’ package that is just a bunch of ads, they don’t get it. Advertising is a component of marketing and in many instances specific advertising should be one of the last tools used to optimize a residential sale.

Good marketing should drive all prospects to a strong database, not specific ones to one listing. Perhaps a good analogy is advertising is fishing with a hook, marketing is fishing with a trawler.

 A common example of agents getting it wrong is content. Firstly, if you make a property look better than it actually is in real life, that’s going to be an awkward open. Disappointing the crowd is a real mood-killer. I’ve joked about the parallels between tinder profiles and real estate ads before but it’s so true (no, I’m still not on tinder).

Secondly, the goal of an online or print ad is to get the prospect to come to the house and have managed expectations about what they are coming to see.

Some agents will push the fact you need dozens of staged photos, videos, virtual tours, videos of them trying to describe the property whilst awkwardly dying on camera...you get the picture...BUT...

If you give the buying market too much information they will make a decision about your home from their laptop or phone. If the prospect feels empowered enough by the digital information, they won’t walk in the door.

What’s the problem with that? How many people have you heard say ‘it wasn’t exactly what we were after but it just had the right feel'? Plenty. No one sets out to compromise but most do. In fact, you could argue that life and evolution depends on this.

Also, is it just me or has the minimum entry requirement to get into real estate become perfectly manicured facial hair? That goes for you too ladies. Seriously, I don’t know what’s cool now, I'm feeling two day stubble seems to be it.

Until next week,

David Murphy