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Just Do It!

Friday 23rd Aug 2019

Having recently bought and sold myself (in that order), my empathy levels with clients in the same boat are now at an all-time high…it’s stressful. The opposing forces of fear and greed that overcome you are almost debilitating and the ever present uncertainty can turn you into a crazy person. However, in most cases if people have the right motivation to upsize, downsize, tree change or sea change, all of that angst is normally worth it. Actually it’s more than worth it, it’s great.
Having done this for 20 years I can tell you now that when I hear people talk of regret it’s normally because they didn’t act rather than did. So often I see people find the right home for their next phase in life and then they freeze because of worry or concerns about the process. It’s in our DNA to avoid uncertainty, but for all of you downsizers out there in homes that are way too big, or young families in homes that are way too small, my advice to you this week is just to get on with it…because ‘it’ is actually your life.
No, this isn’t a drive for more listings, it’s more an observation on a market that currently has a certain sense of paralysis to it. What do you do? Sell then buy and risk being homeless, or buy then sell and risk having to sell in a fixed period of time. My advice, do whichever suits and just play within your limits…even if the sky falls in, if you are careful you will almost always have options and inevitably things will improve.
One of the great joys of this job is running into people a few months after the whole thing is done and dusted and they are settled in their new home - most of the times I hear ‘best thing we ever did, should have done it sooner’.

Until next week,

David Murphy