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A bear in the China shop

Friday 16th Aug 2019

Last week’s newsletter was about the false reporting of sales results by some agents, the response I had from our readers was astonishing. Normally I get a dozen or so responses with people either saying how much they like this weekly note (thank you), or the haters that hurl venomous abuse at how terrible my newsletter is (seriously…there are just some really angry people in the world). What was surprising to me this week was the amount of people reporting to me the times they were fed false information out in the market place.  I then asked several who are currently looking to buy why they wouldn’t report an agent for doing this, and many said they were worried if the agent they reported listed the house they wanted, then they may be dealt with unfairly!?…enter the saying ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

This week we have had two homes sell off-market and we are now working on closing two pre-auction sales. However, despite what the media is reporting we are still seeing buyers being somewhat cautious and global volatility is actually a thing. Meanwhile the papers and major internet portals are running daily pieces on why now is the best time to sell because there is no stock. Surely they wouldn’t be saying that because their revenues are down sharply…surely? Stay cool property owners it’s not all bad, there are many reasons to be upbeat about real estate…in fact, when the share market starts handing out panic attacks property investment starts to look real nice.

And finally, to get warm and fuzzy a special baby was born this week by someone close to us (no…not me)and as I am a sucker for word craft I found this passage by an Irish writer describing what it feels like to meet your new baby…hope you enjoy:

‘Far from being young,
as young as a human being can be, they seem immensely old,
their foreheads and features streamlined by time,
as archaic and smooth as the heads of Pharaohs in Egyptian sculpture,
as if they had travelled an immense distance to find their parents.
Then, in a second they became young.’

Until next week,

David Murphy