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Loose lips sink ships.

Monday 8th Jul 2019

Loose lips sink ships.

Yes, I’m still on holiday and loving it...sorry for the Monday mail but it’s proof I’m just taking some time to relax.

As we head into school holidays this unusually quiet market is about to get even quieter. Hopeful buyers are joining an ever-growing waiting list and that means good things for sellers down the line.

Given that there isn’t that much happening, I thought it apt to write a newsletter about the value of saying less when selling a house.

If you walk into an open house and the agent says ‘these people are motivated, they have bought elsewhere’, you are witnessing one of the great betrayals in the property market. When selling anything, concealing the motivations of the seller amounts to protecting their position. Revealing a seller is committed elsewhere is a clear sign of an agent you should never employ.

Another common thing you see in the market is a frustrated agent saying ‘these owners are being unrealistic’...talk about a way to kill the mood to an interested buyer. An agent that projects frustration is murdering the prospect of helping their client get top dollar...why? Buyers will act if they think they need to, they will stall if they think they can. Publicly shaming an owner for being unrealistic should probably sound more like ‘we lied to win the business and now they are sticking to their guns.’

That’s it really. Two simple tips on how to spot a good agent, or in this case, a bad one.

Until approx next week,

David Murphy