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Greetings from Rome.

Friday 28th Jun 2019

Greetings from Rome.

We promise to bring you some flavour with these newsletters so this week prego!
At present, I am sitting in front of a glass of vino in Rome listening to an Italian waiter plead with an American tourist to not order a traditional bolognese with some pesto. For her it’s pesto and bolognese, for him it’s life or death. I love the Italians, I guess from an Irish family means I’m no stranger to high drama and emotion. I read the local newspaper this morning and the headline was ‘l'inferno sta arrivando!’ or ‘Hell is Coming!’ The reference to the pending heatwave (or just that the weather forecast in Italy is for a few days above 30 degrees).

With me now on leave the office is still in full swing. The school holidays are approaching which means we switch gears and Bindi and her elves start preparing homes for the August/September market re-open. It seemed relevant then that this week’s newsletter was all about timing and what to consider if your home isn’t selling.
When analysing how difficult it is to make a decision to buy or sell off market last week, I made reference to how real estate transactions only stick when doubt is addressed or alleviated. As the claim of me being a silver fox becomes more legitimate, I say to you that, the little things in selling a property can make a big difference, and careful planning around campaign timing is crucial to success.

When you sell you want to be as inclusive as possible, that means that all potential buyers are on the screen at the same time. Waiting for a possible prospect to get back from holidays, while a hot buyer is cooling off, can lead to fumbling the ball and in real estate that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It’s easy to sell when you get a great offer, but in some instances we have to re-evaluate and when this is the case there are three variables I look at with my clients when considering offers or if necessary a price adjustment:
1.    The agent. Are you listed with someone you trust and has a track record of being highly effective in the area? Do they know the best buyers and what their drivers are?
2.    The marketing. Does the property look at its best, styled well, and is it drawing comparable enquiry to competing properties?
3.    The price. Are buyers making offers and engaging or are they walking out the door and buying elswhere?
So my point? Be certain with all of the aspects surrounding your property and now wish me luck…carbs are the enemy and I have just landed behind enemy lines.
Alla Prossimo!

David Murphy