• Hunting Elephants

    Ok, so I know we are in a new era of political correctness but are we at a point where agents are too afraid to even provide a price guide? Really???

    As if searching for the right home wasn’t frustrating enough, some genius has found a way to make it even harder.

    The latest and weirdest ploy is, ‘we don’t provide a pric... read more

    Friday 27th Sep 2019

  • Same same but no different.

    I think some real estate agents spend more time whitening their teeth and perusing boutiques for pocket squares than they do actually thinking about what their clients need.

    In a market defined by sameness, it’s a desperate battle to look different and there are no rules. I regularly get market reports from my competitors with our sales and l... read more

    Friday 13th Sep 2019

  • Love is a verb.

    Despite having a record sales run in the past couple of weeks something has been bugging me, I received a complaint from a buyer who felt we moved too quickly on a sale. We called, emailed and sent ‘sale developing' texts forewarning of a pre-auction sale but with the absence of an offer, myself and the owners made the decision to pull the trigger a... read more

    Friday 6th Sep 2019

  • Too much information.

    I’ve got a real problem with real estate agents that wax lyrical about marketing when most don’t even understand what marketing actually is. If an agent sits in front of you trying to sell you a ‘marketing’ package that is just a bunch of ads, they don’t get it. Advertising is a component of marketing and in many instances sp... read more

    Friday 30th Aug 2019

  • Just Do It!

    Having recently bought and sold myself (in that order), my empathy levels with clients in the same boat are now at an all-time high…it’s stressful. The opposing forces of fear and greed that overcome you are almost debilitating and the ever present uncertainty can turn you into a crazy person. However, in most cases if people have the right m... read more

    Friday 23rd Aug 2019

  • A bear in the China shop

    Last week’s newsletter was about the false reporting of sales results by some agents, the response I had from our readers was astonishing. Normally I get a dozen or so responses with people either saying how much they like this weekly note (thank you), or the haters that hurl venomous abuse at how terrible my newsletter is (seriously…ther... read more

    Friday 16th Aug 2019

  • The theory of relativity.

    The theory of relativity.

    Things are flying in here at the moment with our very own Wonder Woman, Bindi, closing 3 sales this week in my absence….hmmm, makes me wonder about taking more holidays!
    It's back to business and I am proud to announce that we are launching some superb new homes to market, but from what I can see it's going to be slim pickings for ... read more

    Friday 26th Jul 2019

  • Mi casa, su casa.

    Mi casa, su casa.

    Ok I get it...reading a newsletter that claims to be about property yet the author is swanning around Spain sipping on vino and feasting on pintxos can get tiring, I promise it all ends soon (but seriously...get to San Sebastián).

    For avid fans of hypocrisy the good news is that next week I will likely be writing about exercise, fasting ... read more

    Friday 19th Jul 2019

  • Loose lips sink ships.

    Loose lips sink ships.

    Yes, I’m still on holiday and loving it...sorry for the Monday mail but it’s proof I’m just taking some time to relax.

    As we head into school holidays this unusually quiet market is about to get even quieter. Hopeful buyers are joining an ever-growing waiting list and that means good things for sellers down the line.

    read more

    Monday 8th Jul 2019

  • Greetings from Rome.

    Greetings from Rome.

    We promise to bring you some flavour with these newsletters so this week prego!
    At present, I am sitting in front of a glass of vino in Rome listening to an Italian waiter plead with an American tourist to not order a traditional bolognese with some pesto. For her it’s pesto and bolognese, for him it’s life or death. I love th... read more

    Friday 28th Jun 2019

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