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Selling Tips

Selling a property can be a daunting experience but if you prepare you can minimise stress and maximise your return. We see our job being to guide you through the process right from the beginning to the end. Here are 10 tips that if followed will put you on the right track!

  1. Don’t sign anything until you have sought independent advice from a good solicitor or conveyancer. We have all heard terrible stories about real estate, unfortunately most of them stem from people being ill informed, rushed or misled.  We often see people sign agreements with agents that not only lock them in for a long time, they can leave the sellers liable for thousands of dollars for advertising etc....even if the agent doesn’t sell their house??!! Don’t let this happen to you.

  2. Find and appoint an excellent conveyancer/solicitor to represent you. Many people just choose their family lawyer who they haven’t used or heard from in years. Be careful with this as many just do property work as a side job and it’s not their priority. You want a good (preferably local) legal advisor that is readily available, does a lot of property conveyancing, and one that you like! We will happily recommend the best conveyancers and solicitors in the area to you without charge or obligation.

  3. Avoid up-front costs. If an agent wants you to put money down up-front for advertising before selling your property, ask why? There are few professions where the client has to carry all of the risk. A good agent will share the risk, some will even carry all of the risk!

  4. Research is key. Talk is cheap! When choosing an agent ask for contact details for current and past clients so you can perform reference checks. If an agent will happily provide you with contact details for current and past clients that is a very good indication. Also, get to know the market by looking at recent sales – there is so much information available these days that can empower you when making critical decisions, so why not use it!

  5. De-clutter. This one often intimidates people but it shouldn’t. Ask close friends, seek agents’ opinions, take some photos of your living areas and try to look at them as a buyer etc – this will give you a feel for what needs to come out. Sometimes hiring a stylist or some furniture is money well spent. We can give you our thoughts without cost or obligation – we have helped people by making small changes to the property’s presentation and saved thousands.

  6. Remove objections. Buyers are often nervous and are looking for the best deal they can get. As a seller you need to remove potential concerns, objections and points that may give them something negative to focus on or even lose you a buyer. Obtaining current documents, surveys, certificates will mean thousands to you in your sale.

  7. Make your home sparkle. The old saying that cleanliness is close to godliness in real estate is so true! Sparkling clean windows, mowed lawns, swept paths all make your home feel loved and look great. If you need good local contacts to help you we will happily provide them without cost or obligation.

  8. Timing is everything. Choosing the right time to sell can mean a huge difference to your price. Every property is different and the property market can change week to week. Old thinking in real estate of ‘only sell in Spring or Summer’ is flawed – in fact, the last two market peaks in Sydney have been in Winter! The best time to sell is when you are ready and when you have limited competition in the market place.

  9. Make sure you call us. Before appointing an agent call us. Our clients often say ‘we are glad we called you’ or ‘we wish we called you first.’ We’ll give you what we believe is the best and most honest advice, with no pressure attached.

  10. Stay calm – YOU are in control. Sign documents when you are ready, make decisions when you have thought it all through. It’s your property and regardless of everything you are the boss.